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September 28, 2006

Supporting your desire to spin wisely

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One thing that I believe is absolutely true, and that is that we all are completely at the center of our world where we have the power to choose to be inspired — or not.  It’s our choice. So if we have a choice in the matter — and we do — we might as well choose inspiration. If nothing else, it’s a lot more fun than the alternative.

That said, we also need support along the journey of creating a perpetually inspired life.

I was talking in conversation with two colleagues of mine who actually work in different but potentially complementary industries. We were brainstorming over lunch how we might help one another prosper in our businesses. We were commenting about the news and the media in general and how if we were to believe the spin newscasters and others put on our world, we’d be walking around all day long in complete fear.  Almost at the same time, one of my friends and I asked "Is anyone talking about what’s right in the world?"

I believe we are all collectively responsible for what is created and perpetuated in the world. What we focus on expands. Wouldn’t you desire to collectively create only good? Much good exists, more than we can imagine. It’s all in how you spin it. The key is to flow only pure positive energy.

I submit that listening to the news does not support us in that effort.So, I invite you to do an experiment. For the next 30 days, commit to no news — No news from TV, radio, the Web, the newspaper.  After your no-news diet, on the 31st day try to listen passively to the headlines. I think you’ll agree that choosing to be inspired is all in the spin — and all in the support (or lack thereof) of the environment you select for yourself.

So, choose to spin wisely.



Writing your story in a way that supports you

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Last night I had an amazing conversation with my cousin. Whenever we have opportunity to connect with one another, we always express how we inspire and encourage one another. I deeply treasure and appreciate her.

During the course of our conversation, the subject of "fear" came up, and she said that all fear is is False Evidence Appearing Real. Isn’t that an empowering way to look at Fear?

Unfortunately, many of us are more likely to be immobilized by fear rather than empowered, even (perhaps, especially) when it is in our best interests to simply moved recognize that fear is just an illusion.  It boils down to how we look at it, or how we choose to spin the story we make up in our minds.

Speaking of stories, I believe that is what everything in our life — and our life itself — is composed of. Who doesn’t love a good story? No matter our age, from early on we find that nothing beats a story.

Remember bedtime stories? When we first go to school we have story time. Around the campfire, we have the time-honored tradition of telling stories. Teachers are beginning to appreciate the value of teaching and preserving the oral tradition by incorporating at every grade level storytelling in the classroom.

I remember a few years ago my partner, who is a college English teacher, was teaching a class on fairytales where they considered various renditions of fairytales in the tradition of the Brothers Grimm across hundreds of years. At the conclusion of the course, each of the students had to spin their own fairytale variation of tales from the fairytale cannon.I mentioned that to illustrate how fundamental stories and spinning them to fit our purposes are to the fabric of our lives.

So it is with the story of our life and how we choose to spin it. We are influenced by our environment and what we allow to assist us in molding our stories. Because they can be so powerful, to be at conscious choice, we need to deliberately monitor what we’re receiving into our minds to make sure it is supporting only inspirational choices.

Wouldn’t you agree?


September 26, 2006

A dream told me my inspirational purpose

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I dreamt last night that I was at the home of my second cousin. He, his grandfather, my brother, and my dad were gathered around a card table playing dominoes, while I was rolling out a pie crust on the kitchen counter.

At some point, my brother replaced me at the kitchen counter and was trying to place the pie crust in the pie pan. Our dad said something about how good and resourceful his daughter (my sister) and I had turned out, but that didn’t know what had happened to our brother.

I turned to him and said it’s not given to us to judge. "Our sole purpose on Earth is to uplift, encourage and support, not judge. I’m here to support real estate agents."

Then I woke up.

For me, the dream — though very strange — is also very telling in many ways. I rarely consciously remember my dreams, but this one has stayed with me all day.

The dream contains several layers of meaning for me, not least of which the relationship between my father and me, my father and my brother, and my brother and me.

There is no mystery as to the meaning of the reference to supporting real estate agents. I am currently preparing for a very specific program that happens in just a couple of weeks, a group coaching series of tele-classes called "Kickstart Your Real Estate Career without a Penny to Your Name."

But most meaningful to me is the message that is so aligned with my personal purpose in life and business: "Our sole purpose on Earth is to uplift, encourage and support, not judge…"To me, that’s what unconditional love is. That’s what it means to inspire and be inspired.

What a wonderful reminder from my "higher self," or what some call "intuition." When it speaks, and we really listen, that’s when we experience unrestrained joy and unbridled happiness.

May you find and live your own inspirational purpose. Inspire and Be Inspired.


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