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October 31, 2006

Creating by Default

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Thank you Tshombe for the brilliant and thought provoking post.  Why do we create more of what we don’t want?  I think part of it was portrayed so well in What the Bleep. We are addcicted to our thinking.   We have old ways of thinking of our prosperity and play it out on a daily basis.   I use the simple technique of the rubber band on the wrist.   Each time one of those automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) appears, I give myself a little snap to remind me to mind my thoughts.    What do I really want?  When I focus on the lack, I create more lack. It really is that simple.  I can then switch my focus to the desired outcome.  

I am going to get the ebook you recommended. 



October 30, 2006

Attracting What You Don’t Want for a Reason?

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Last week Wednesday (10/25), I listened in on an absolutely spectacular tele-call interview hosted by Terri Levine.  She interviewed Dr. Dõv Baron on "Attracting Force – the quantum science of attracting the life you can imagine".

I have to say that I was pretty busy that day and considered not attending the hour-long interview.  I looked at the title of the interview again and immediately decided I needed to make time for this interview, knowing full well that I needed all the help I could get on attracting what I desire in my life.

I was blown away!

Dov so succinctly and powerfully explained the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonances, and why we can truly say that each one of us creates/attracts everything that happens or shows up in our life.

I’m still reeling and sorting it all out.  I need to listen to the recording of the call again and again.

But what I want to share with you today is what I experienced after the call.

Have you seen the film What the Bleep do We Know!? Dov Baron watched the film and was thrilled that what was being portrayed on the big screen was a reflection of his own extensive body of work for several years.

So he decided to write his own analysis of of the film — a play-by-play, if you will – and make it available for the world to consider.

I signed up to receive his eBook on the subject (and you can too at and devoured it in one sitting.  It really is amazing and I highly recommend it.

When I got to page 26, the section entitled “Pay Attention: Part of You Knows What You Need,” I read about the main character in the film, Amanda, who how just missed her train.

Of course, she didn’t do this on purpose – consciously, that is – but Dr. Baron says that unconsciously she manifested missing the train in order to be forced to pay attention to something she otherwise would have missed.  That “something” is related to her “soul’s desire.”

Interesting, I thought.

Then, Dov Baron addresses the reader (Me, in this case) and asks a personal question:

“Haven’t you thought that sometimes you create situations or events that appear to happen by accident, in order to wake yourself up and pay attention to your soul’s desire? As you continue to read this book, ask your subconscious to let you know exactly how this has shown up in your life.”

So that’s what I did.

I asked myself

"What about my current reality?  Show me how/why I’ve created my current state of poverty, massive debt, and financial struggle.  What benefit am I getting out of it?….To show that I’m resourceful?"

"That’s ridiculous.  Of course, I’m resourceful.  I can do anything…"

Then it hit me.

If it were possible to stop your thoughts in mid-sentence as you would if speaking audibly, that’s what I did.  I guess you might call it an Aha! moment.

Could that be?  Have I created this reality to prove again to myself that I’m resourceful….that I can do anything?

Is there a better way?

Joe Nunziata has agreed to spend 37 minutes with me today — in just a few minutes, in fact.

I wonder what he will make of all this.

What do you make of all this?


Be Your Own Passion Architect

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I flip around my business title as the mood strikes me.  Mainly because it’s a great conversation piece.  My clients have come to expect a new title whenever I fancy and love to see what wacky "nom" I’m going by in this phase of my life.

I’ve been an mPower Storyteller, A Professional Dreamer, a Virtual Partner, a Business Architect and more.  But my all time favorite is Passion Architect – I gravitate towards that title several times a year. 

So what does it passion architecture mean?

Well to me, it means a commitment to help my clients live passion-filled lives.  Days full of pure bliss… days full of happy playful moments… days spent living the life of their dreams – whether that dream be having a partner run their business while they travel the world on a magical adventure with their families or whether it means having someone to tackle the mundane tasks of web maintenance and internet marketing so that they can focus on the things that bring them joy.

And while I do all of those things (brilliantly I might add) when I adopt the moniker Passion Architect, it means that for a while, the work I am doing with my clients extends beyond merely managing the daily operations of their business.  It means that I’m involved in challenging my clients to play a bigger and better game by looking for inspiration within so that it manifests abundance without.

Passion architecturewhere your dreams and business collide in happy bubbles of joy and inspiration.

What does passion mean to you?


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