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November 30, 2006

Inspiration Abounds!

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I must admit, I was in a bit of a funk.  So my goal was simple, I want to feel better.  So I started looking for evidence, knowing it had to show up.

I hosted a teleclass on Thriving in the Holidays.  Someone on the call was so inspiring.  She told us all about how much joy she experiences in the holiday season.  She shared her tips.   It was so moving.  Thank you, I am feeling better already!!

Then I was talking to a friend who was going through a bad patch and I listened and was there for her.  I left her a voicemail asking her to tell me 10 reasons why today was better than yesterday.  I almost cried when I listened to my voicemail.  Talk about inspired.  It was amazing how she shifted and was connected with what is working.   I am feeling even better.

So my suggestion is, if you are feeling a little down, just make it simple and ask to feel better and watch how the Universe pours out all you need to feel better and better.

Today I am grateful for feeling good and being inspired!



Feed 3 Million Children in 33 days starting today

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I’m on one of Joe Vitale‘s mailing lists, and he just sent word of a project created by a woman named Spryte Loriano who is inviting all of us to assist her in feeding 3 Million American children in 33 days.

The 33 days begins today:  Wednesday, 29 November 2006.  Check out the video at to find out all about it.

Spryte’s inspiration to spearhead this collaborative project came after viewing the new film The Secret.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, you must view it immediately at

Would you like to help?  You can for just one dollar.

Sound too good to be true?

It might seem so, but I assure you it’s not.   Consider that for your one dollar (or more, if you have the means and so choose), you also receive free inspiration gifts from sponsors who deeply believe that together we can definitely feed 3 Million children (and more!) in 33 days.

Find out all about it by viewing the story at  You may be tempted to skip the video, but please resist that temptation and allow the short video its due.  You won’t be disappointed; instead, you will be inspired to become apart of something bigger that you and me.

What a way to inspire yourself and others by sharing in the manifestation of this miracle!  Go now to and see and experience for yourself the power of colloboration, love, and collective intention to heal the world.


November 29, 2006

The Meeting of Two Amazing Minds – Chris and Alicia

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I have a great friend who I met just about a year ago, Alicia Castillo Holley, who is an amazing authority on how to create wealth in its aspects — not least of which is financial wealth.  She is also an Angel Investor, master collaborator and networker, and lives to teach others how to create abundant wealth as well.

Her story is truly inspiring; you should check her out at  Alicia currently makes her home in Perth,570415-571157-thumbnail.jpg
Chris Helder & Alicia Castillo Holley in Perth

My brother-in-law (my partner’s brother) is another great friend and inspirational hero in my life, Chris Helder.  Chris is hailed as one of the top speakers in Australia and he travels the world teaching salespersons how to "sell without selling."  Through NLP and other techniques, Chris is a master at helping businesses and entrepreneurs build instant rapport with potential clients and make the sale.

I am immensely proud of Chris and Alicia and am ecstatic that these two inspirational visionaries finally met in person.  We’ve been trying to get them together for several months, and so this is a grand occasion that they were able to connect.

It is only when we connect with others that inspiration occurs.  Thank you for allowing me to connect with you, and to share two of my beloved mentors with you.

Keep of the good work.  Inspire and Be Inspired.


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