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March 29, 2007

Moral obligation to live your dream

Filed under: Abundance, Fear Busting, Motivation — tshombe @ 5:10 am

Do you have a life purpose?  A fulfilling life dream full of complete and total joy?

Are you living that dream?

Something Dr. Dõv Baron said last weekend keeps going round and round my brain — just a few short words, but boy, do they pack a wallop.

And that’s why I ask the question.  Are you living right now your purpose?  Are you doing what you are meant to do on this Earth?

I guess the logical next question would be, if not, why not? 

Dr. Dõv said that all of us have a moral obligation to live our dream(s) and inspire others in the process to live theirs. 

"If you’re not living your dream right now, you’re flattening the dream of those who look up to you." 

Wow.  If that doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, I don’t know what would!

Dõv doesn’t stop there (You didn’t think he would, did you?)

"You have the responsibility to live your dream," he continued.  "Sell them (those looking up to you) your excuses and all you do is tell them it’s OK to have there’s."

What do you think of that?

Kinda makes you wanna give yourself a swift kick in the pants to get up and get going to living your fulfilling, inspiring life right now, doesn’t it?


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