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August 31, 2007

Inspiration is everywhere, in action and in motion

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It never ceases to amaze me how much there is in the world that is inspirational.  Whoever said "S**t Happens" must have had their eyes perpetually closed because there is no end to the abundance of inspiration and love in the world; they’re everywhere you look.

Just a few hours ago, there was suddenly a vibrant double ring on our doorbell.  When I got to the door (reluctantly, I admit, since I was engaged in work and didn’t particularly wish to be disturbed), the visitors were nowhere to be found, but in their place on the porch was a marvelous and grand bouquet of stunning sun flowers together with a card to me and Chad telling us how wonderful and beautiful and amazing we are!

My joy was unmatched in that moment!

To be sure, we have the best, most loving (and beautiful!) friends in the world (Thank you, Andrea and Phil!). Now, that’s inspirational!

Just now I came across a sheet of paper on which I had written several other thoughts on what it takes to be in a consistently inspired state…..or, to get into one in the first place, if we’re feeling decidedly uninspired.

They each state a different truth, but they are related.  Taken together, they are very powerful messages and very inspirational.  Don’t you think so?  Do they inspire you?

"Action is faith made manifest" — Dr. Dov Baron

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘An object in motion tends to stay in motion’– Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion (paraphrased)

"Faith without works is dead" — James 2:20 (The Bible)

"Out of action inspiration is borne ." — Tshombe Brown

What can you begin right now that will leave you energized and inspired?  Don’t wait to see the whole staircase.  Get moving!

Isn’t life beautiful?  Isn’t life Inspirational?!! 


August 29, 2007

Lessons from Dov Baron’s Mind Mastery Program

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Several weeks ago (August 2), Irwin asked me (Was this you, Irwin?  Irwin from Attracting Force?) about what I learnedmind_mastery.jpg and experienced at Dov Baron’s Mind Mastery workshop that I attended in June.

In a word, it was AMAZING.

I am still discovering new and expanded insights into how my mind works and how simple awareness at any given time is itself transformative.

When such "Aha! Moments" occur, I feel empowered.  This is because I know I am the wind, not the leaf.

As I continue to progressively put into practice the things I’ve learned and continue to learn, I will share my joys, challenges and discovers here with you.  I would love your feedback and your thoughts.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned and have already shared here on The Inspiration Nation that have positively impacted my life.  I assure you, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Let me know what you think (Thank you, Dov!): 

By the way, if you would also like to experience what I did and change every aspect of your life for the better, plan to attend Dov’s next Quantum Mind Mastery experiential program November 14 – 18.  It will blow your mind!

Don’t forget to tell them Tshombe sent you! 

August 21, 2007

How changing your association can improve how you look

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Yesterday, I was sitting down over a cup of coffee with a colleague of mine, Joint Venture Broker W. Eric Cole, discussing a collaborative project he and I are working on.

Toward the end of our meeting, I remarked "Eric, every time I see you, you look better and better."

It’s true.  Eric’s skin looks fresher, healthier, more vibrant.  His eyes are physically wider, more open.  Tension lines on his face seem to have fallen away.  Eric is progressively looking more relaxed, joyful.

What’s going on?

Eric began to explain that what has changed is his association.  He’s choosing to surround himself with people who are optimistic, forward-thinking, and oriented toward positively impacting others in their world.

This one change, of actively seeking uplifting association that challenges him to expand and grow, has changed Eric’s whole outlook on life.  He’s more self-confident, telling me that he now truly honors his own personal value that he brings to the world.

Like a pebble’s ripple that disturbs a whole body of water, Eric said that as a result of his high-quality associates he now appreciates that his own energy powerfully affects and raises the consciousness of everyone around him — and even beyond that to affect the entire planet.  He actively employs positive healing energy in all of his interactions with others.

This is all quite amazing (Eric’s total visage and way of being has changed!), and the lesson is clear.  It is super-important that we choose friends, colleagues, and associates who support us and our dreams, who uplift and challenge us to be and do more than we might have dared on our own.  It can mean the difference between living a prosperous, inspiring life and one that is less than fulfilling.

To be sure, the implication is that associating with those who do not inspire us or who tear us down or who drain our energy will ultimately have a negative affect on our quality of life — even on the way we physically look.

What about you?  Have you found this to be true in your life?

How have your family, friends and colleagues supported you in pursuit of your dreams?

Is this progressively improving how you feel and how you look? 

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