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January 31, 2008

Expect Miracles

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ExpectMiracles.jpgI spotted this sign yesterday and could think of nothing else, so I took a quick snapshot to remind me.

Pretty cool, huh?


January 29, 2008

How you can save lives by simple acts of kindness and caring

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Many of you will know that I recently started a new blog,  So, periodically I surf the ‘net reviewing the state of the real estate agent blogosphere to see what the current mood and conversation is.

So, I’m surfing and scanning blog articles and come across an absolutely amazing and inspirational piece by Tony Gallegos over on his blog, The Mortgage Cicerone.

It’s a personal story about the power of Simple Acts of Kindness and Caring, and brings home the inspirational message that we never know the impact we have on others.

I learned from Tony that in every moment when I’m interacting with others, it is my privilege (and responsibility) to express love, kindness, and genuine care, because in that moment, I may be saving their life.

If you do nothing else today, read Tony’s article.

May it inspire and uplift you to look for ways — in every moment — to bring joy and love and light to every person you come in contact with.


January 25, 2008

How to pick your team and be happy you did

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It’s so interesting that I was just talking about how instead of New Year’s Resolutions, this year I chose two words to serve as my themes for the year:  Team and Ease.

Not only will I be focused on surrounding myself with a team of support in both life and work, but I am consciously asking myself as often as possible things like "Is this fun?  Does this bring me joy?  Or, am I struggling?  Who on my team can I ask for help?"

So, there’s that, my Words of the Year:  Team and Ease.

And then the topic came up again in a blog post I wrote recently, called "Why you and I need a team."

And now, I am super-excited to read Craig Harper’s insightful post on his blog.  What’s exciting about that is the content, of course, but also that he wrote/posted it on my birthday!

Well, kind of on my birthday.

Since Craig Harper is from the Land Down Under (I wonder what they call it up here where I am?  The Land Up Above?), they are always a day ahead of us.  For example, I’m writing this on Friday, but it’s Saturday in Australia.

So my birthday is on the 22nd of January, but Craig actually posted it on the 21st of January from our perspective — though from his, it really was the 22nd.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused.  What does all that have to do with the price of tea in China? 🙂

Craig offers 4 critical things to look for in selecting your team mates:

  1. You want the person who will encourage and support you but also be straight with you.
  2. You want the person who ‘gets’ what you’re about.
  3. You want someone who doesn’t have an agenda.
  4. You want the best person available to you.

Of course these are just the bullet points; there’s much more of value in Craig’s Happy-Birthday-to-Tshombe Post!
Go read Craig entire article.  You’ll really enjoy it.

If you’re like me, you may relate with the tendency to want to do everything by yourself — a condition Craig once suffered from — but you’ll be happy to know that there is hope for you, too!

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