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April 2, 2007

Mind travel as a vehicle to discovering my inspirational power

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I think perhaps the biggest obstacle to accomplishing what we truly want in our life is the belief that we are constrained by physical laws, that is, what our mortal bodies can do.  I’ve discovered today that this belief is a myth.


Because my partner and I discovered/experienced mind travel today.

I know that for some this idea of physically being in one place but simultaneously having a sort of “out-of-body” experience and visiting a separate place is plain lunacy.  To be sure, there is debate as to whether and to what extent this phenomenon exists.

However, this concept is not as strange as it appears on the surface.  Indeed, remote viewing was studied/used extensively by the US government, particularly the CIA from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s.  Army Major Paul H. Smith wrote a book called Reading the Enemy’s Mind that details his personal experiences working for seven years in the Department of Defense’s remote-viewing program.

This suggests that there is more to the idea of mind traveling (AKA remote viewing) than crazy-talk.

So if you suspend disbelief for a moment and get through my brief explanation of what I personally experienced while mind traveling today, I will explain the inspirational implications.

I have to say that this was the first time I did this, and mind travel is a learned skill (though it appears some people have more natural talent than others, much like how certain people are musically- or artistically- or mechanically-inclined while it may take others a little more effort to acquire the same or similar level of skill).  Still, I believe my own experience has both personal and global implications.

I wrote down my experiences, guided by Dr. Dõv Baron on what places to visit on my mind traveling journey.  I duplicate my notes here, with minor edits for clarity:  (Note that I have never been to Paris or Egypt before.)

What a fun experience!  I went out of my body to Paris (where I saw a river, which I was told after this experience was called the Seine River) and Egypt (where I was aware of the intense smells of fragrant foods and spices) and out into the Stratosphere and back to Vancouver (B.C., Canada) and this room in Richmond.

I (expressed first as a circle or focal point of light in my body and moving up and out of my body) loved connecting with the other consciousnesses (there were others physically in the room mind traveling with me) and then going off to my own journey.

I was surprised to see my consciousness manifest as a bird and then more prominently as an angel with great, amazing, white wings.  In fact, that (the wings) seemed all that I was primarily made of and the rest of my “body” was there but indistinct.  Or, more accurately, it (my body) was more of a presence.
As a came back to myself, — or more accurately, my physical body – I again was expressed as that focal point of light, constantly aware of that light.

So what does this mean?

For me personally, I find significance in the manifestation or expression of myself-out-of-my-body, or what I’m terming my consciousness – something apart from my (ego) mind or my thoughts – particularly the “great, amazing, white wings.”  There’s incredible power and strength in that image of myself, and I remember a majestic quality, free, at peace.

As I think back to the experience and how I felt in the moment, I think of the classic Superman image, specifically his cape as he hovers above Earth and then descends.  As he does, his red cape billows or floats as if it were great, strong, powerful wings.  I think that is very telling about my essence, about who I am at more core and when I am standing in my power.

I was talking with my partner, Chad, about the global implications of mind travel.  In a practical sense, there doesn’t readily appear to be a concrete value or application for having, learning, and developing this skill.

What it does tell us is this.  If we are more than our bodies, we are not confined or constrained or limited by our bodies.  Everyone who has accomplished anything great has done so by relying on a power greater than them, that is, greater than what they could accomplish by relying on the physical body alone.

If we accept that there is this something that is of us that is greater than us (our bodies), wouldn’t it make sense to be connected with that something as often as possible in order to accomplish all that we desire and are meant to be?

Of course, you needn’t accept this at all.  For me, however, I know that relying on myself (that is, on conscious hard work, grit and tenacity) alone has got me only so far.  Simply thinking that I believe I am powerful beyond measure is not enough.  Actually experiencing the power I contain is the true catalyst to greatness.

I experienced my power on multiple occasions this weekend.  Just scraping the surface of mind travel today was just one of those super-inspirational moments that I intend to experience again and again and again.



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