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August 30, 2006

Inspiration and Forward Movement Means No Struggling

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For some reason, we (at least in the Western World) as a culture believe that struggle is just a necessary part of life. We often hear it framed as a "work ethic," such that if we aren’t working 85 hours a week, we either feel guilty or that something must be wrong with us.

Are you ready for an inspirational change in perspective?

Dr. Robert Anthony tells us that anytime we are struggling, we are miscreating. What does he mean by that?

Anthony answers by way of retelling a parable that I want to retell to you:

Three Taoist philosophers come across this river where they see a dead old man bobbing up and down in the water. Horrified, the Taoist philosophers confer among themselves and discuss how in the world they are going to get the old man out of the water to give him a decent burial.

Suddenly, the supposedly dead old man pops out of the water and goes cheerfully on his way.

Stunned, the philosophers ask him "How are you still alive? No one could survive in this water!"

"Easy," the old man turns to them and says. "I just went up when the water went up and I went down when the water went down."

The message is that struggle is not necessary. Instead, find your flow and then change and forward movement will be effortless. Positive change becomes easy, natural.

What things in your life are your struggling with that are preventing you from simply and easily receiving that which you desire?



August 25, 2006

Seeking ways to increase imagination and focused, inspirational imagery

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I was talking to my mother today and I remarked at the amazing gift that my partner, Chad, has in that he is able to quickly and clearly evoke strong, crystal clear images in his mind that immediately arouse in him strong feeling and emotion.

He is highly imaginative and creative, such that he frequently remembers his dreams in all their vivid detail.

According to the Law of Attraction, cultivating this ability and employing it frequently and consistently is key to magnetizing into your life all that you desire.

(It also, unfortunately, means that you magnetize into your life what you do not desire, if that "non-desire" is given undue attention and strong, intense emotion and/or visualization is attached to it.)

Today, I also came across a quote by Michael Korda: "The more you can dream, the more you can do."

Isn’t it amazing how life presents us with the same message in different forms?

If you are like me, invoking powerful and crystal clear images in the mind does not come easily, as it does with Chad. Yet, it’s clarity of vision that makes all the difference in the world, as far as inspiration and forward movement in life are concerned.

So what I’ve begun is a vision/dream board where I am finding images of what I desire and putting them on the board so that I see them every day. They are images that invoke the desired emotion and feeling so that I am propelled toward the realization of what it is I desire.

What happens if I can’t find an image? I draw one. I’m not a particularly good artist, but I definitely get the picture (no pun intended) — And sometimes I add text that explains it all.

What do you do to consistently focus your mind and imagination on what you desire?What works for you?

It would be great to hear your ideas and I know readers of this blog would love to hear them, too.


Simple Thank You Notes Inspire and Bring Joy

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When was the last time you received a note of thanks? How did you feel?

Chances are you felt fabulous that someone appreciated you, especially if you had no expectation of receiving a thank you. It makes your day, doesn’t it?

Of the several things I do, I am also a wedding consultant. Following every wedding, I make it a point to write a thank you note to every vendor — from the baker to the florist to the caterer and all the rest — for working with me and providing value to my client.

Not only does this simple act of kindness bring joy to the receiver, I also feel wonderful. I cannot tell you how many times vendors have expressed how tickled they were to receive my little thank you.

Who can you inspire today via a simple little impromptu thank you note?


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