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July 29, 2008

Nike says everything you need is already inside

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Have you seen the Nike video ad about courage?  It is awesome.

It gives me chills of joy and excitement to watch it.

It inspires me.

It also teaches me a little something about effective marketing.  If I can connect emotionally to my potential clients, I don’t have to sell them.

They’re already sold.

Just Do It.


May 27, 2008

First Access to Dov Baron

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I can’t believe it’s been over 3 weeks ago (May 3 & 4) that I had the amazing privilege of attending a two-day workshop put on by Dov Baron of Baron Mastery Institute, called First Access.

Because Dov is in high demand, this was a rare opportunity to connect with Dov in a more intimate and informal context where attendees could ask him any question they desired. In fact, Dov has never offered a forum like this before (to my knowledge).

He and his team offered the workshop at no cost to anyone who wished to attend.

There were only two caveats. The first was that "Only the serious could apply". In other words, the sole stipulation for attendance was the proviso that attendees be committed to their own self-development and personal growth rather than being "tire kickers."

The second was that each participant had to agree to attend both days of the workshop.

The content was amazing. I volunteered at the event and still was able to take pages and pages of notes. I’m quite sure that, had everything been transcribed, the content would fill volumes.

(The event was filmed and recorded, so it’s quite within the realm of possibility that it could be transcribed verbatim. Since it was essentially a question-and-answer format, I think they should have it transcribed. They could then publish it either traditionally or through self-publishing or print-on-demand means like or iUniverse. I wonder if they’ve thought of that? The investment would be minimal.)

What did I learn?

Well, I haven’t really had the chance to go through my notes as thoroughly as I would like. I probably should type them up, but here are few things I learned from Dov, as he answered questions that were put to him during the two-day event:

  • Did you know that ‘the walls of your mind can melt’ without the use of drugs?  Dov took us through a modified holotropic breathing exercise and explained what Stanislav Grof developed during the 1970s and 80s.
  • Discipline (i.e., "will power") doesn’t work long-term.  It is what we make important in our lives that matters.  Are you finding it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is most important to you?   Look at what you are currently struggling with in your life and that will be your clue.
  • Feeling scattered?  Ungrounded?  Run both of your wrists under cold water and deeply (and simultaneously) breathe in the cold through your nose, down through your feet and into the Earth.
  • One way to access the subconscious mind is during hypnagogia, or the hypnagogic state.  This is the transition between wakefulness and sleep.  Messages are thought to be most powerfully implanted during this state.  Since children are essentially walking around in this state much of the time, and the subconcious mind receives the majority of its information between 0 and 7 years of age, it’s of the utmost importance that parents or primary care givers and others proactively and consciously provide the child with life affirming messages.
  • Dov illustrated the power of mind over matter, citing Franz Mesmer‘s healing work on Charles Fillmore and his wife in the late 1800s.
  • 8 steps to finding your purpose.  Ask yourself:
    1. If I could instantly do whatever I wanted and be instantly qualified to do that thing, what would I do?
    2. What is it that I tell myself in order not to do it?
    3. Who do I know or who could I find who would be willing to help me do it?
    4. What 5 things do I currently have that would make it easier for me to do it than most people?
    5. How would me doing it impact the people I love for the better?
    6. How would me doing it impact humanity better?
    7. What one thing can I do in the next 24 hours that would move me in the direction of doing that?
    8. What am I doing when my lights go on?  What is it that when I’m speaking about it, I get impassioned, juiced? (First, ask yourself this final question and write it down. Then, without revealing your own answer, ask your friends to answer the question about you.)
  • Dov scratched the surface of the philosophies of Richard Bach, including discussion of the quote "You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past."
  • Did you know that $34 trillion circulates the world every day?  And that’s just what’s legal!  Clearly, there is no real lack of money in the world.
  • When we have the courage to step out and do something different, we show others it’s possible for them, too.  (Example:  Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile)
  • Dov discussed his interpretation of the coming end of the world in 2012, as predicted by Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar.  Which path will you choose?
  • I learned a technique for developing laserbeam mental focus that took Dov himself 4 years to perfect!  (I better get to practicing!)
  • I learned what a dead seagull and an eagle have to do with making decisive choices and following my dreams.
  • I learned how to instantly moved from a state of depression to one of joy by shifting my focus and by manipulating my body’s energy centers.
  • Dov described déjà vu as a "glitch in the Matrix." He used String Theory, Many-worlds/Parallel Universes Theory, and the Law of Resonance to describe the phenomenon.
  • Did you know a child can be born addicted to stress because of the influence of the mother and father?
  • Why does mental illness exist?  What purpose does it serve?  Dov explained in detail his view on this topic.
  • Have you ever wondered when it is time to leave a relationship and agonized over the decision?  Dov gave a crystal clear answer to this question, which has to do with the present or absence of commitment to growth, development and healing.
  • Dov gave a great example of the difference between "outcome" and "goal."  On the journey of this life on Earth, goals are important, without attachment to the outcome.  So-called "enlightenment" is a journey, not a destination:
    • A goal is a marker on a progressive journey whereas,
    • Outcomes are all about postponing your joy

And much, MUCH more.  What an awesome event.  I hope he hosts another "First Access" event, so both you and I can improve the quality of our relationships and of our resonance.

April 3, 2008

Dov Baron’s programs dramatically shift more than just your mind!

Wow.  Where did the month of March go?

I haven’t wanted for things to talk about here, that’s for sure.  Life’s been a whirlwind of activity and excitement.

Whenever I experience a Dov Baron event (particularly the multi-day intensives), my physical and emotional body is (are?) thrown for a loop.

After my first event that lasted more than one day (The event was Attracting Force, a three-day event from March 30 to April 1, 2007), it was such a shock to my system that I experienced the worse diarrhea of my life.  It was so intense (and lasted for 4 days) that at one point my partner wanted to take me to the Emergency Room.

This was no mere stomach flu.

Neither was it unique to me.  I had previously learned from spiritual entrepreneur, Joe Nunziata, that when there are great emotional breakthroughs, very often this shock creates physical disturbances as a result of the clearing of emotional junk.

And when I explained my experience to my friend, Darren Little, he said a similar thing happened to him, only his aftermath manifested as violent vomiting.

I say all of this, not to scare you away, but to illustrate how powerful Dov Baron’s programs are and how even small mental and emotional shifts cause dramatic changes, even monumental physical expression.

This is a good thing.  Change is always painful (even good change) because our natural inclination is to resist, even when we think we’re not resisting!  I’d rather go through momentary stress as my mind and body adjusts than to prolong unconscious miscreating another minute!

After Quantum Soulmates for Couples that Chad and I just attended, I am definitely in a process of adjustment.  We both are.  But thankfully there’s been no near trips to the ER!

Many, many amazing things have been happening in my life, my work, my relationships, and my business this past month.  It’s just been a challenge keeping up with all my commitments, since immediately following the 5-day Couples Retreat, I experienced a dominant, general air of malaise — a stupor of sorts that fought against the level of productivity I would have preferred.

I say all that only to say that I’m back in the saddle again, and very happy to share with you my journey of all things inspirational…..and the journey of finding the inspiration in that which on the surface doesn’t appear quite so inspiring.

The second reason I say all of that is to make the point that if you want to get on the fast track to improving every aspect of your life, and are tired of stumbling along on your own, get yourself to a Dov Baron event.  There’s an incredible one-day event coming up in Vancouver, BC that you won’t want to miss, called The Secret Beyond the Law of Attraction.

(There is a charge of between $49 — a special going on right now — and $549 — the regular price — but if you’re TRULY interested in attending, ask me how you can get in at no charge, as my guest.)

The program is nowhere near as intense as Dov’s multi-day events (It is an introductory program, after all — no fear of vomiting or diarrhea!), but you will be BLOWN AWAY at the content, the interactive experiences, and the practical tools you will take away just in one day.

In my next post here on The Inspiration Nation, I will share with you a short clip where one lady was so impressed by Dov’s program that she said "Excuse the expression, but he (Dov Baron) kicks ass."

As for me, here’s a copy of a thank you letter I sent to Dov Baron after I attended my first one-day event last year on March 17, 2007:

18 March

Dr. Dõv:

Twenty-four hours have elapsed since the end of Resonating Riches, and I’m still reverberating.  "My cup runneth over."  I learned so much about abundance, resonance, energy-vibration, how we create our individual reality and how we are simultaneously connected to all & everyone in The Universe.

Thank you, Dõv, for stepping up & stepping out by sharing all of you with us.  What a blessing, what a gift you are, Dõv — and because of you and because of this program I am on fire.

I know that I am no longer trapped by my life.  No, instead I am (and from now on forever will be) Master and Creator of my life just the way I want and deserve it.

Thank you especially for your honesty.  You’re not afraid to "give it to us straight" — which is the true mark of love and compassion.

Mere words fail to express the depth of my gratitude.

With joy & heartfelt thanks,


 OK.  I’ve bended your ear long enough!  I’m off to look for that clip I know you’ll want to see……


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